Redefining Womanhood...


VIDIA (pronounced Vidya) is a non-profit voluntary organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act of1860.  It espouses the cause of gender justice in Indian Society. It was established with the aim of fighting gender inequality and denial of equal rights to women. VIDIA is the acronym for preventing - Violence, Indifference, Discrimination, Illtreatment and Abuse- of women and the girl child. The organisation aims to restore to womanhood its position as an equally important half of humankind. 

Projects of the Foundation towards reaching the goal of gender equality and women empowerment include Save Womankind Save Human Kind Campaign, Gender Sensitization of young male adults through workshops, Life Skills training of Adolescents girl, Career and Psychological Counseling, Supplemented learning Center for girls from under privileged background.


-- Sponsoring Higher education of girls. --
-- Set up a Skill training programme for girls. --
-- Set up clinic for free medical treatment of women and girls. --
-- Celebrating birth of girl child with greeting cards and sweets in government hospitals. --
-- Setting up free legal aid centres. --
-- -Set up homes for destitute girls. --
-- Conduct research on gender issues. --
-- -Sponsoring self enterprise of women. --
-- Setting up counselling centres for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, acid attack, trafficking. --